We talk about content marketing all the time, you know, blogs. And now that the word is out on the hot and heavy relationship between search engine algorithms and content, people are writing and sharing amazing content all day long! How in the world are you supposed to keep up with all your favorite blogs without wasting six hours of your day? It’s easier than you think.

This post will help you organize your content and keep track of what’s important in under 5 minutes.

How To Save Time Reading Your Favorite Blogs

Step 1: Organize It

I use Feedly to organize all of my favorite blogs. Feedly is essentially your own personalized newspaper, organized in sections you define. What I love is that you can look at all your blogs in a newspaper style, by category or by individual blog. For example, my blogs are organized in the following categories: Affiliate Marketing, Business, Chicago, Fun, Marketing, Merchants, Recipes and Tech. Under each category, I have my favorite blogs organized for quick reading.

This allows me to see which blogs have new content, quickly scan headlines for interesting articles and even read posts within Feedly itself.

Using Feedly To Organize Blogs


Step 2: Capture What’s Important

Even if you set aside 20 minutes for catching up on important blogs, fate will interrupt your precious reading time. This is why I “capture” important articles, saving them to read later in the day or week. I use Shareist to capture important articles that I want to read more thoroughly, share will my social circles or include in an article down the road. Every article that you capture using Shareist, is stored in your Shareist Inbox.

Capture Blog Posts to Inbox

Step 3: Read, Review & Share (or not)

Now that you have sorted through your favorite blogs and saved the most interesting posts, it’s time to sit back and read! You can scroll through your inbox of posts within  Shareist and choose which ones you want to read further. From this same inbox, you can share posts on your social media network or add it to a blog post. I like this method because it also keeps a record of all the articles you’ve saved over time – so you can scroll back and find an article you were looking for!

Shareist Inbox Capture


It’s important to have a structure to the way you read online content. It’s easy to click from post to post to post … but by no means does it do you any good. You need to organize your favorite blogs, scan through new and interesting articles, save what is most important and read in depth when you have uninterrupted time. #structure


 A Sneak Peek of Chicago-Ave’s Feedly Favorites:

Curious to know our favorite blogs on Feedly? You are in luck! Here is a collection of our favorites in the marketing, local and just for fun genre.


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