You have a website, a blog and a few social media accounts – great! Now you want to start writing some useful content to extend visitor engagement and attract targeted readers. It’s common to get stuck at this point. You’ve worked through all the actual tasks, but now you have to sit down and start writing! Here are a few helpful tips to get you started down your creative content strategy path.

Generate Ideas for your Content Strategy!

1. Review your emails.

Odds are you answer a number of emails every day about your business. Do you find yourself answering the same question on a regular basis? Questions could be about strategy, best practices or even the simplest question about where to find something on your website. Likely, this person and many others “googled” the question before emailing you. Write your answer as a blog post!

2. Expand on your FAQ’s.

This is what I call low-hanging fruit. If you have a FAQ sheet internally or on your website – expand on them! Take one of the questions, add a little extra information or imagery and turn it into a blog post.

3. Get personal!

Humans are curious. Give readers a sneak peak inside your office, your city or your company culture. These are “touch-posts” that reach the emotional side of a reader and are commonly the most shared.

4. Collect articles that are interesting to you.

You read articles on a daily basis, right? Start collecting and categorizing these articles (on or offline!). Once you have three or four great articles in one category, write a blog post around them. Add your two since and share the articles you found interesting with your readers — likely they’ll find them interesting as well. Remember to provide your take aways from each.

5. Look at your search history

What have you recently searched for and learned how to do? You’re probably not the only one searching for the information! Write your own post on how you accomplished a certain task. Likely you didn’t follow the directions exactly – share it with your readers! It’s possible they find your directions or advice easier to follow.