A local business can derive a number of benefits from starting a blog. The most talked about reason is for search engine visibility. However, there are a number of addition benefits a blog can provide to your local business. Check out the list below!

5 Key Benefits of Blogging for Local Businesses


1. It’s Easily Shareable

Think about it. Writing interesting, informative or funny blogs gives people a reason to talk about your business in a unique way. You are providing something tangible for readers to share amongst their social networks. For example, which would you rather have your readers share?

“Super simple ideas. I actually have most of these on hand already!” vs. “Checked In at WPAC, again.”

Sharing Local Blog Posts

2. It Can Get You Publicity

This type of content is also incredibly helpful for local news stations who are always looking for exciting stories. Want publicity? Locate your blog post with the most traffic, most shares and most likes; then pitch it to your local news station. You can literally prove how many people are interested your content.

Want to take it a step further? Package it up differently. Send jars of candy representing how many people like your content. Typeset your article and print it on heavy paper – make it so beautiful it would be impossible not to read. Include a juicy call to action, “We want you to do this story exclusively – come check us out.”

3. It Creates Subtle Sales

If you bombard your audience with products, specials and coupons; eventually they will stop listening. Blog posts allow you to retain a presence in front of your audience without annoying them with super sales-y messages.

If you remove graffiti from buildings, post before and after pictures, share tips on DIY removal options, create a video of them team in action, discuss products for graffiti prevention, etc. You still be top of mind with your audience without using constant in-your-face self promotions.

4. Become The Authority

This is particularly important for the professional services industry – think Dentists, Lawyers, Plumbers, Property Managers, etc. If you are continually providing helpful information on your blog, sharing it on social media and sending it out in newsletters – who do you think I will reach out to with a question about my tooth ache or the strange noise my sink is making?

As a professional with years of knowledge, you can provide a wealth of information to become a trusted authority in your field. Here’s a fun example:

Dallas Divorce Blog leads to TV interview
Just received an email from Dallas Family Law Attorney and LexBlog Network blogger, Michelle May O’Neil. She just got off the phone with a local television reporter who plans to do a story about Facebook in Divorce.

5. Provide a Different Perspective

Use your local blog to provide a different perspective – even get your readers involved. I love this as a marketing idea for local boutiques or bakeries. Boutiques can invite their customer to send in pictures of their new outfit around town. Bakeries can ask customers to submit a picture of where they eat cupcakes around the city. Show your customers using your product around town!

Or – show how your product can be used in different ways. If you are promoting summer hats, put together 10 outfits for that one hat. If you are a bakery, show us how to serve cupcakes in different scenarios. Mix it up. The standard product image can only go so far. Entice your audience!

This is one of my favorite examples from the ModCloth Blog.

3 Amazingly Fun DIYs You Can Do with This Bag O’ Cats
Dear bag of plastic cats, where have you been all our lives? Check out these three easy DIYs and clear up that weekend calendar, ’cause you’re gonna want to make ’em!


There are a number of great free resources to help you get started with your local business blog. I’ve included a number of them below. If you get stuck at any point, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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