Headlines are important for two main reasons: Capturing Attention and Search Engine Optimization. I always recommend writing the headline first, then crafting the copy around it. But how can you come up with that many unique and captivating headlines? It must take hours! False – there many free resources available to help you craft over 100 titles in just a few minutes. Here are my favorite resources for creating catchy headlines:

5 Amazing Resources to Create Catchy Headlines


Blog Post Title Templates from Twelve Skip1. 100+ Blog Post Title Templates from TwelveSkip.com

This is one of my favorite go to resources for crafting creative and catchy titles for Blog Posts, Email Campaigns, Incentives, Social Media Campaigns and pretty much everything else. These simple formulas allow you to flex your creativity – they even inspire new post ideas from time to time!

View the Blog Post Title Templates Here.





Blog Headline Ideas from Tweak Your Biz2. Headline Generator from Tweak Your Biz

Enter a word in the generator and you will be amazed at all the different options that appear. Some are a bit of a stretch, but you will still get a lot of great ideas. Even easier, these headline are separated by category  РLists, How To, Best, Secrets, etc.

Try out the Tweak Your Blog Generator



Word Science for Social Media Headlines from Short Stack

3. Word Science Infographic from ShortStack

I have this printed out and pinned to my wall as a reminder. It’s a nice quick resource for choosing the right headlines for blog posts and for posting on Facebook and Twitter.

View the Word Science Infographic



MailChimp Email Subject Line Research

4. Email Subject Line Research Guide from MailChimp

If you are going to trust anyone with email subject line research, it would be an email service provider. In this guide MailChimp provides best practices and tips driven by hard data. Interested in learning more about Email Template Designs?

Checkout the MailChimp Research


Secrets of a Killer Blog Post from Who Is Hosting This5. Secrets of a killer blog post from Who Is Hosting This

This inforgraphic goes beyond creating the headline to discuss the blog post as one whole piece. It pulls in stats and information from a variety of sources including Copyblogger and SocialMediaToday which are two of my favorite marketing sites.

Take a look at the blog post inforgraphic here



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