I am constantly searching the web for local websites, and have found a huge discrepancy in information available between social media websites, business directions and the primary websites themselves. Which leads me to today’s post — What You Need To Have On Your Website!


40 Pieces of Information to Include on Your Local Website

On every page of your website, I should probably be able to find these twelve items. While this may seem like a lot, you can store much of the information on the footer of your webpage. Keep in mind some of these items you’ll want to highlight on different pages or have them be more prominent on your homepage.


1. Your Logo
2. Physical Address
3. Phone Number
4. Hours of Operation
5. Page Navigation – Make sure we can get to any page, from any page.

Your Website Needs Part 1


6. Short Business Description
7. Email Sign Up Form – Learn more about Email Marketing Here.
8. Social Media Icons
9. Business Name
10. Email Address (or contact page)

Your Website Needs Part 2

Snapshot from http://www.cb2.com


11. Google Analytics – Seriously. You need it. Learn how to easily add it to your website.
12. Content, Content, Content! – We love pretty pictures, but for search purpose, give us some real content too.


Now, let’s go beyond the basics here and talk about a few other important items local businesses should consider adding to their website:

13. Reviews or a Link to Yelp Reviews – You try this WordPress Plugin.
14. Call to Action(s) – If a visitor arrives at your site, what do you want them to do?
15. About Us Page – Tell us how you got started!
16. Upcoming Events Page
17. Dedicated Contact Page

Your Website Needs Part 3

Snapshot from http://yogaloftchicago.com


18. Careers or Hiring Page
19. Blog or Tumblr – We love to hear from companies, what can you share with us – pictures, stories, before and afters, reviews, how to’s? Learn more about why you should blog.
20. FAQ’s or Common Questions
21. Map of Location(s) – An actual image, cross street, how do I find you?

Your Website Needs Part 4

Snapshot from http://villagecycle.com


22. Affiliations or Associations – BBB or West Town Chamber of Commerce? That’s awesome.
23. Press & Featured In Page – Voted Best in Chicago? Let the world know.
24. Photos or Gallery Page – Make us feel comfortable with your location before we even arrive.
25. Links to Other Pages on Your WebsiteFor example.


If you are a services business, let’s say a lawyer or a dentist, you should follow most of the suggestions listed above. However, it’s always nice to see the following pieces of information on your website:

26. Multi-Page, Detailed Services Section – Tell me about the different services you offer, give me lots of information.
27. Videos or Interactive Content
28. “Click to Call”
– Why not?
29. Lead Generation Form(s) – You can also consider adding a few check boxes to better qualify the lead.

Your Website Needs Part 5

Snapshot from http://www.sharpfirm.com


30. Resources or White Pages – Show off a little.
31. Bios or Resumes


Moving on to another popular segment – Restaurants and Bars. Of your group of friends or within your family, there is a distinct person (or two) dedicated to planning all the events. We event planners, would love it if every restaurant and bar would let us know the following information:

32.┬áTV / Sports Information – Do you have TVs? Can I watch the game? Or is this more of a classy joint?
33. Do I Need Reservations? Link me.
34. Event Rental or Private Party Information – You will book 100% more parties if you at least have something on your website with this information. Include pricing, food options, time frames, an inquiry form, specials, anything you can possibly think of.
35. Event Space Photos – Do you have outdoor space? How big is the bar? Is it a small place? All things we ask ourselves before going to a new place.

Your Website Needs Part 6

Snapshot from http://www.theogdenchicago.com


And last, but not least, to all the Gyms, Yoga Studios and Fitness Spots, please always answer these questions somewhere on your website. Other businesses can incorporate this list too – just remember to provide as much information as possible.

36. Is the first class free? Or is there a trial period?
37. What do I need to bring? What is provided?
38. How early do I need to arrive before a class?
39. Do you have a shower, hair dryer or lockers?
40. Do I need to register for a class or can I just walk in?


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