Email templates, as you can probably guess, are an important piece of the email marketing puzzle. You have to get your message across quickly and effectively while ensuring a pleasant look and feel. Don’t over complicate your email template. You can make a great email design with minimal moving pieces. Here are a few minimalist email template designs for your next email marketing campaign.


10 Examples of Email Templates To Inspire You


1. Four Seasons

This is one of my favorite emails from Four Seasons. It has a clear call to action across the top – “Schedule Now” – and it reinforces that desired action with a coupon code right below it. After the coupon, Four Seasons supplies a selection of articles relevant to the season to drive traffic to the website if a reader is not quite ready to schedule an appointment.


Four Seasons Email Template Example


2. Grub Hub

Hello relevance, geo-targeting and clear call to action buttons. Grub Hub is using my location along with the top rated restaurants in my area to entice my lazy eating habits. This email was also sent right before I left the office….perfect timing!



3. Twitter

Short and simple with a clear call to action. This is what I like to see from a very specific ad campaign. In big, bold lettering Twitter tells me what they are pitching, provides a short description and a bright call to action button.


4. ModCloth

For retail emails focused on selling products, the challenge is to put multiple products front and center without making a mess. I like the clean, two row and four column layout of this ModCloth email campaign. The products are also sandwiched with call to action buttons.


5. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics gets me every time with their clever subject lines and simple email designs. With such good content, a simple email highlighting your desired action is all you really need. Bonus points for the free webinar add on and bright green button! Learn more about creating catchy subject lines!


6. Brad’s Deals

Another great example of providing great content (in the form of deals) in a very simple two column, multiple row format. For an email with new deals, this is really all you need. Don’t get too fancy.


7. Travel Zoo

Travel Zoo emails give me the deal front and center, follows it with a large image and ends with clean bullet points on why this is a great deal. With large headings, it is also easy to checkout the additional deals further down the email.


8. Etsy

If you subscribe to Etsy, you like pretty things. Etsy plays right to their audience with every email. Etsy email templates are all about the images, categories, seasons and upcoming holidays.


9. Athleta

I shop occasionally at Athleta, but I always open their emails. They show their different products and how you would use each of them. Athleta also uses your location to provide the closest store information as well as upcoming events at that store.


10. Uber

An email receipt from Uber literally has every piece of information I could want, organized in a great modular design. This is a perfect example of providing a lot of information and value without overwhelming your subscriber.

Uber Email Example


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